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Dirty Work happening in real time on Big Brother

Its turning into a  Big Brother kind of summer for me apparently.  I still love my Housewives of every city they come from, loving Rivals 2 so far, Dance Moms, Bad Girls Club, Breaking Amish, Princess of Long Island, Pretty Wicked Moms, Catfish, pretty much everything but nothing has me as psychological invested as Big Brother season 15.

The idea that now we as “AMERICA” are now making decisions about eviction nominations and then watch the drama unfold 24/7 is fantastically addictive.  Perhaps it’s because the show for the most part is taking place in realtime, it opens up the voyeuristic obsession that reality tv  prays on, but there is something about being able to watch these people and even contribute to the drama that is like nothing else on television.

On Thursday night we were told that as “AMERICA” got to vote as the MVP this week.  Basically they were giving us the free rein to get rid of Aaryn since the HG couldn’t seem to do that themselves.  Apparently there are always twists in this game and we never know what will happen which is why there tag line is “expect the unexpected” which keeps fans like me following every move every day.


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Feeding on Big Brother

Not sure if it was simply the drama from Thursday nights episode of Big Brother alone, or the heat wave that has crept into NYC but I decided to purchase the Big Brother feed.  This means I can now watch what is going on in the house 24/7 minus the competitions that they save for the edited shows airing on CBS.

Since the balance of power shifted within the house last week it seems as if things came to a boiling point after the Head of Household (HOH) competition with everyone realizing how quickly this game can change.  Candice and Gina Marie (GM) almost coming to blows during the Big Brother After Dark LIVE episode airing on TVGN was probably  the moment during all the drama I remembered I was watching a TV show.  I kept expecting someone like security on Bad Girls Club to come running in and break it up but it was Howard another house guest who removed Candice from GM and Aaryn’s provoking and childish bullying before things REALLY escalated.

I am still fascinated that this show for the most part is taking place in real time.  There are two house guests (at least) who have been officially fired from their jobs in “real life” because of their racist comments on Big Brother, and they have no idea, but WE do.  We are privy to a huge part of their lives that they have no idea about.

CBS is also doing its part to distance themselves from this behavior by adding a warning before their show on Sunday (not sure if it will remain for future episodes) which I suppose acknowledges that there is some stuff going on that isn’t right, but also acknowledges that this is a show with “real” people and as much as sometimes we want to, we cannot censor someones beliefs or prejudices.

Bigot Brother: Cast of CBS Show Caught Using the ‘N’ Word, The ‘C’ Word And Homophobic Slurs

As I am still new to this blogging thing I attempted to link this article to my blog last night, but I am doubting this worked. In any case while I do not condone the controversial words, remarks and sentences that were used, the open letter at the end of the article brings up some interesting points regarding censorship especially on “reality tv” . This season is getting very real very quickly..

The Big Deal with Big Brother

Personally have only followed the last 2 season, this season (15) being my third so I have sort of jumped on the band wagon of Big Brother, but I completly understand why this show has been around so long. A bunch of strangers living on a CBS designed soundstage being filmed 24/7 with live feeds available unedited and uncensored also 24/7 for 3 months!

Its a social experiment with a $300k winner at the end of it. The concept is really genius though. There are live feeds going in the “house” 24/7 and for $26.99 for the entire season you can watch everything as it happens on all your media devises. You can tweet, Facebook, go to the network website, even download a free app to give you up to the second info on these “houseguests”

An edited version airs 3 times on CBS a week and this season on the TVGN (tv guide network) from 12-2am every night is the live feed called Big Brother After Dark. The narrative as a viewer so far this season has not been chronological which actually can get confusing with all the rules involved. I watched the season premiere on Thursday, then the Big Brother After Dark (BBAD) on Friday then the taped show on Sunday, then the BBAD on Monday and now watching the taped show on Wednesday. I already know who is hooking up, and who was nominated, who won the POV (power of veto) and who was the MVP, and who is officially nominated for eviction this week based on all the access available and I haven’t purchased any sort of special pass for this.

Already its exausting, but if you can look at it as a bunch of characters then you can find the escapism that we love about reality tv. There has already been a lot of controversy with this cast. RadarOnline takes on both sides of the “reality” argument with the idea of censoring up for debate. This show is supposed to be the ultimate reality competition however part of the show is censored on CBS and the rest of it is available for America to hear in all their racist, swearing and REAL glory.

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