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Dirty Work happening in real time on Big Brother

Its turning into a  Big Brother kind of summer for me apparently.  I still love my Housewives of every city they come from, loving Rivals 2 so far, Dance Moms, Bad Girls Club, Breaking Amish, Princess of Long Island, Pretty Wicked Moms, Catfish, pretty much everything but nothing has me as psychological invested as Big Brother season 15.

The idea that now we as “AMERICA” are now making decisions about eviction nominations and then watch the drama unfold 24/7 is fantastically addictive.  Perhaps it’s because the show for the most part is taking place in realtime, it opens up the voyeuristic obsession that reality tv  prays on, but there is something about being able to watch these people and even contribute to the drama that is like nothing else on television.

On Thursday night we were told that as “AMERICA” got to vote as the MVP this week.  Basically they were giving us the free rein to get rid of Aaryn since the HG couldn’t seem to do that themselves.  Apparently there are always twists in this game and we never know what will happen which is why there tag line is “expect the unexpected” which keeps fans like me following every move every day.


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