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The Big Deal with Big Brother

Personally have only followed the last 2 season, this season (15) being my third so I have sort of jumped on the band wagon of Big Brother, but I completly understand why this show has been around so long. A bunch of strangers living on a CBS designed soundstage being filmed 24/7 with live feeds available unedited and uncensored also 24/7 for 3 months!

Its a social experiment with a $300k winner at the end of it. The concept is really genius though. There are live feeds going in the “house” 24/7 and for $26.99 for the entire season you can watch everything as it happens on all your media devises. You can tweet, Facebook, go to the network website, even download a free app to give you up to the second info on these “houseguests”

An edited version airs 3 times on CBS a week and this season on the TVGN (tv guide network) from 12-2am every night is the live feed called Big Brother After Dark. The narrative as a viewer so far this season has not been chronological which actually can get confusing with all the rules involved. I watched the season premiere on Thursday, then the Big Brother After Dark (BBAD) on Friday then the taped show on Sunday, then the BBAD on Monday and now watching the taped show on Wednesday. I already know who is hooking up, and who was nominated, who won the POV (power of veto) and who was the MVP, and who is officially nominated for eviction this week based on all the access available and I haven’t purchased any sort of special pass for this.

Already its exausting, but if you can look at it as a bunch of characters then you can find the escapism that we love about reality tv. There has already been a lot of controversy with this cast. RadarOnline takes on both sides of the “reality” argument with the idea of censoring up for debate. This show is supposed to be the ultimate reality competition however part of the show is censored on CBS and the rest of it is available for America to hear in all their racist, swearing and REAL glory.

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